Even as the commercial print growth evens out, the printer is finding consistent and significant growth emerging in Package printing. Riding the shift to organised retail at home and a growing exportmarket for food, pharma, garments and direct packaging itself, the carton segment of the industry is growing at an annual rate of 10 to12%. An industry that converts an estimated 2.5 million ton of boardis currently valued at INR 220 billion and is set to double in the next 5-6 years. The share of the organised sector is about 50% but is setincrease. Even as new players enter the business, the established ones continue to expand.

With the brands vying to look "different'' and seized with problems of duplication and counterfeiting, the accent is on value addition and printing effects (Metpet, Drip effect/ Matt finishes with spot UVvarnishes, Tactile printing, use of special pigments, Lenticularprinting, Fresnel lens printing effect, Holographic effect etc).

Innovation is apparent on structure of boxes and designs based on functionality. While end users and buyers are looking for reliable and technologysavvy packaging solution providers who can supply consistent quality and on time deliveries, competition due to ever increasing newplayers and reverse auctions has made it imperative for the converters to adopt and invest in the latest equipment and technologies.

Carton Tech 2016